So this is embarrassing. I have neglected my blog again. I haven’t published in it since August 2018.

This has always been a rather intermittent project for me. I am not totally sure why I even have a blog. Perhaps it is very arrogant to think people are interested in what I have to say.

Although I would argue that I write this for myself, the fact is that the idea that nobody would read this is disappointing.

I first started it a very long time ago because I wanted a email address, and then I used it to record two amazing trips I did that originally were on their own blogs. But then I thought it would be better to have them all here.

And then I started writing in it for the simple reason of trying to improve my writing. Of course to make money I help people with their websites and I always tell clients that they should publish quality content. So I think it behoves me to do my best to write my own quality content.

Sadly though, life always gets in the way and I never seem to produce the content I want to do. And frankly, it’s a little embarrassing.

I am currently listening to Ron Chernow’s excellent biography of Alexander Hamilton, and so far two things have stood out. One was a description of his father as being nice but indolent, which pretty much sums me up. And the second was the sheer quantity of work he put out. He was a truly prodigious man.

And in my mind I am not indolent but prodigious. And yet I am just past 50 so probably entering the last half of my life, although I like to think that I will live for many many more years. But this means that my time for being prodigious is now.

The biggest highlight of 2020 is that I improved my tennis a bit, and I managed not to die of Covid. But other than that, it was not a year of significant accomplishments. I am 2kg lighter than I was at the beginning of this year. A far cry from the 23kg lighter I intended to be by July. Of course Covid messed up my diet a bit, but frankly that is not an excuse.

I have to do better. So on the last day of the year, already 2 beers down after celebrating NYE with some friends in the UK, I am putting in writing that 2021 will be a more productive and interesting year for me than 2020.

If anyone reads this, thanks for reading. Happy New Year. Let’s make 2021 a great one. Let me know any resolutions or plans you have for 2021 in the comments. Maybe we can cheer each other on.