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Why I live in Peru

People sometimes ask me what on earth I am doing living in Peru! I just saw this video from the Peru Tourist Board (, which gives some idea of the fantastic diversity of this wonderful country. Hope you enjoy...

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Chicha Morada

The Peruvian health drink. I absolutely love Chicha Morada. Supposedly it has great health benefits too, as studies have shown that purple corn helps regulate blood pressure and prevent colon cancer, probably because Purple corn...

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This is a copy of a recipe I included on my Donde Peru website. I have included a copy here because I think it is one of my favorite recipes and should be shown on my personal site too! Ceviche is without a doubt one of my...

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Unpasteurized Milk

One of my biggest upsets about living in Peru until recently was the inability to find fresh milk. All the supermarkets and all the corner shops seem only to sell UHT milk in cardboard boxes that lasts for ever and has a...

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