So we arrived in Doha last night looking forward to a hard nights sleep on the airport floor….
Much to my surprise we were ushered to a transfer desk where Qatar Airways informed us they were putting us up in a local hotel. To make things even better we were allowed our own rooms so I managed to avoid Stephen’s snoring and actually managed a little sleep.
Not only that but we were given dinner and breakfast. Unfortunately we had no local currency so when we had a room service dinner we were unable to tip the charming room service waiter. Much to my embarrasment as he left the door closed with a resounding slam. Should anyone find themselves in Doha in the near future please be extra generous with your tips to make up for my lack of generosity and christmas spirit!
We are now en route to Mumbai and on to Kochin for the start of the rickshaw run.
Hope everyone at home had a wonderful Christmas.