Since my last blog post. How does that happen. We start these websites with the best of intentions, and yet the vast majority of us fail to keep them going. Of course there is a huge difference between a personal blog like this and a company blog. However if you are going to have a site it is  worthwhile using it to write in.

The sad thing is that in the intervening two years a lot has happened, which to me at least is pretty interesting. Amongst others:

  • I have trekked to Machu Pichu
  • Been to the rainforest
  • Learnt to ride a skateboard
  • Ridden a bicycle up the United Kingdom
  • Broke my fingers.
  • Became and abandoned being a keyboard political warrior – #BloodyBrexit

All of these things plus many more have had lessons involved which I could have blogged about but didn’t.

During coffee after one of my Spanish classes with two of my fellow students back in May, I bemoaned my laziness in blogging. They told me to get on and do it. So I wrote this blog post all the way back then and as the master procrastinator I seem to have become I avoided publishing it until five months later. But here we finally have it. Thanks for the kick, Elka and Caroline.

The moral of this post is to just get on and do it. Something I need to do more of in the last quarter of 2017.