Simple Video Player is a new wordpress based video player that has many comparable features to the market leading Easy Video Player but at a significantly lower price.

There are two videos below and underneath those I point out some of the main differences between the two platforms:

The first video is played via youtube and through a Simple Video Player player set up, the second is played through youtube and is played on an Easy Video Player set up.

The first video talks you through the options for both players and the second video talks you through the funnel for Simple Video Player.


Review of Simple Video Player also demonstrating the features of Easy Video Player

[imaioVideo v=1]

[imaioVideoReveal1 v=1][imaioExitOk]Check Out Simple Video Pro here.[/imaioExitOk][/imaioVideoReveal1]

Review of the Simple Video Pro Sales Funnel


Similarities and Differences:

Both platforms work on Mobile and there are many other similarities.  These are the major differences:

  1. Simple Video Player is significantly cheaper at $47 for an unlimited license and $67 for a developer license.  Easy Video Player starts at $127 with an upsell for $97 allowing you to use your own watermarks and to use for your clients.
  2. Easy Video Player is a Stand Alone Platform. This means that there will be no conflicts with WordPress, which is a big plus generally.
  3. The downside of this is that it means that if you are using a youtube video on your site you first have to log into Easy Video Player, import the file and then get an embed code.
  4. Easy Video Player will upload videos for you to Amazon S3, with Simple Video Player you have to do this yourself.
  5. Watermarks on Easy Video Player are an upsell for $97 and they are included within all the versions of Simple Video Pro.
  6. The big advantage of Simple Video Pro at the moment is the ability to allow your affiliates to embed your videos in their sites with their affiliate links included for social sharing etc. Easy Video Player just allows you to let people embed a video.
  7. Easy Video Player only has one real type of custom page, the upsell for Simple Video Player has several.
  8. Simple Video Player has nicer player templates than Easy Video Player in my opinion.
  9. Simple Video Player is a fraction of the price of Easy Video Player.
  10. It is worth noting that a new version of Easy Video Player is going to be released in the next few months, although it has been on prerelease announcement for a while.  I suspect that Simple Video Player may have given them some ideas.
  11. Both platforms despite what some marketers have told me work on Mobile devices including Apple.
Some Bonuses are available if you Buy Either of these players through my link.

Bonus 1 Video Backgrounds

Videos can be boring. One of the key ways to jazz up your videos are interesting backgrounds. This collection of 50 Motion Effect Backgrounds are another key weapon in producing videos that stand out from the crowd.To see the full selection you can visit my sales page at I am currently selling this for $47 but you can have them completely free.

Bonus 2 Royalty Free Music

Great videos need to have a soundtrack to engage interest. I remember years ago when I was studying film making producting to be honest a pretty dire piece of work. However as soon as we added music it took the below average to the reasonably good. I have put together two packages of Royalty Free Music which you can get completely free when ordering through this link. Conservatively valued at $47

Bonus 3 Free Consultation with me

Access to my personal Email address and Skype account for any questions pertaining to Easy Video Player, Simple Video Pro or any other aspect of Internet or Video Marketing. You can have up to one hour of my time to ask me anything.  Valued at $250

Bonus 4 30 Minute Tutorial on Creating Simple Videos!

This 30 minute tutorial will have you up and running in no time with your first video sales page, even if you have no experience of video editting.

Bonus 5 Get 10,000 Video Views!

Guide to getting Thousands of Views for your You Tube Account

Bonus 6 How to Drive Traffic To your videos!

A short PDF designed to give you some useful information on how to drive traffic to your videos.

To get your bonuses just use the [imaioExitOk]contact form[/imaioExitOk] or reply to my email if you are on my list and send me your receipt details.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below so do feel free to comment. Thanks