Whilst I love much about living in Peru, sometimes I get frustrated. At the moment this is mostly because both of my parents are ill… and I am a long way away and I am not sure there is all that much I can really do. Part of me would like to get on a plane and go back and try and support them. Still there really is not all that much I can do to help. My father apparently has pneumonia for the second time this year. What worries me most is that when in hospital it is almost impossible to do much exercise.

And then I had a zoom call with my mother, one of my brothers and one of my nephews and she is suffering from a really bad back and a bit of a cold. So news from home was just a bit depressing and I would rather like to be there to try and help.

Still there is a hope that he will be out of hospital tomorrow. hopefully they will be out of hospital shortly. I really need to focus more on my business, that way I can more easily afford to get back there and help out if needed. At the moment, I am stretched quite thin, but I am confident that business is slowly picking up.

Anyway I have high hopes for next week, including finally finishing the redesign of my Vashon Media website and launching my Spanish language agency website.

In journaling type figures weight this morning was 100.3kg, not bad considering my gluttony of yesterday and I did 7475 steps yesterday. I need to get these steps back up to a minimum of 10,000.