My brother is having a 50th birthday party dinner tonight.

And he is someone that many of us find very hard to buy presents for – I bought him a football, not totally sure whether he will ever use it, but I suppose it is the thought that counts!

Anyway my nephew who like all of the next generation of my family never cease to amaze me with their personalities, intelligence, charm and wit came up with an idea to give my brother something pretty special and unique.

What he did was sent out an email to us all asking us 9 questions in this case about my brother but I think they are just as valuable to ask about yourself, so I thought I would repeat them here. I have exchanged out my brother to gear it more to questions you can ask about yourself.

I suspect it is a valuable exercise.

1) The story about yourself that has made you laugh the most….


2) The story about yourself that has made you cry the most….


3) The story about you that you think nobody knows…


4) The one thing you love most about yourself….


5) The one thing you would change about yourself….


6) Your favourite memory of time spent….


7) Your most embarrassing moment …


8) The one thing you would want people to know if you were never to see them again…


9) Your advice to yourself for the next 50 years….