One of my biggest upsets about living in Peru until recently was the inability to find fresh milk. All the supermarkets and all the corner shops seem only to sell UHT milk in cardboard boxes that lasts for ever and has a slightly odd taste.

Yesterday I discovered that my landlord here sells amongst other things unpasteurised milk. It was something I had wanted to try for a long time. In some parts of Europe most notably Italy, they have vending machines where you take your old jug or bottle to the machine fill it up and away you go. Does away with the farmers need for bottling and aids in recycling. I look forward to an enterprising firm doing something similar here in Peru .

I was informed that before using the milk I had to boil it, which I duly did. I understand that this is not traditional pasteurisation as that involves boiling for 30 minutes and then cooling rapidly.

Anyway this morning I had my first bowl of cereal with fresh milk and boy was it good. As an added benefit at the top of the jug was some fresh cream! Another thing I had been pining for…. Peruvians seem to eat their strawberries with condensed milk which is just far too sweet for me!

To top it all of it looks like science is swinging back in favour of unpasteurised milk as a much healthier alternative to pasteurised milk. Supporters say that it has a wonderful effect on reducing allergy.