I never write resolutions and so I never complete them. In 2018 I have written some resolutions and I may well still not keep them. However I will try and document my progress here.

I am calling 2018 my year of finding/renewing my sense of purpose. I am generally happy with my life, but I want so much more!

Three resolutions that I have committed to are:

Write every day
Do a video every day
Exercise every day.

So far so good!

This blog post is today’s writing – finished just before midnight.

Here is a bonus video from the 31st:

and here is today’s:

And today’s exercise was a 5.5 mile run. I ran it far slower than I used to, but I did at least manage to run without stopping – well apart from when trying to avoid falling into the ford, the puddles, stopping for a car and answering the urges of nature!

Today’s weight: No idea, but far heavier than I want it to be. Target weight: 85kg somewhere between 15 and 20 to go!

I also have an aggressive monetary goal for 2018. but I am not sharing that here.

Feel free to follow along!