I was talking to a friend who gets up every morning at 4am to write a novel. I am not sure I have that dedication but when he told me it reminded me that I would like to write more.  

So I made it a resolution for 2018 to write something every day. 

So the first January I wrote a blog post, the second I wrote a letter by hand, which is something I hate doing in part because my handwriting is abysmal and in part because I am a harsh critic of my own writing, so never feel like it is good enough. And today I am writing this post on why it is I want to write.

Now when I say write something every day I don’t mean something on Social Media or an email but something of substance. Blogs are by their very nature somewhat narcisistic. That could be why this one stops and starts. It’s rather sad though. I wrote about this before but if I wrote two hundred words every day, by the end of a year  I would have written 73,000 words. I believe that is a smallish novel. Not only that but by consistently writing at the end of a year, my writing ought to have improved a bit.  

Oxfam, the charity, has a bookshop in Ludlow. Here they sell second hand books. As an avid reader shops like this are places I love to visit.  As I browsed I stumbled upon a correspondence course on writing well. Reduced from the dizzy price of £7.99 to £4.00, from an initial £300 with additional coaching, It called out at me, I picked it up and now here I am writing this blog post. It is an assignment from the course. I will over the coming year write more assignments and publish them here. The assignment was to write about why it is I want to write. 

These are the major reasons I want to write well:

  1. To be able to communicate better
  2. To be able to entertain
  3. To gain more clarity
  4. To sell more

Do you ever write, if so why?