So we have finally made it to the capital of Mongolia.  Who would have thought it!

Sadly Molly our trusted 2CV only just made it across the border into Mongolia and was finally unreparable.

The gearbox went and the only gear we could use was fourth!  The steering column had broken for the second time but somehow a nomadic mechanic managed to get it steering again.

Sadly the chassis was by this stage so warped that we had to take off both wings to stop them from scratching against the tyres.

We decided to carry on to the next town in the hope we could find slightly more complex mechanical skills.  Sadly however the fuel line caught on one of the many rocks we hit and ruptured.  With fuel leaking all over the ground and no real means of steering and a chassis that hit the bumps every ten yards we decided not to try and run the car from a petrol tank on the passenger seat and sadly abandoned her.

Within moments of leaving the car it was surrounded from out of nowhere by two jeeps worth of Mongolians who took anything worth taking including the wing mirrors and the back seat!

Anyway am now trying to figure out the cheapest way back!  Will write further updates on the travels later today.  I am now off with Save the Children to look at some of the shelters our sponsors have so generously supported.

Look forward to seeing many of you on my return!