Charles Tyrwhitt UK

I have wanted to write something about Charles Tyrwhitt for a while, not just because I think the shirts are the best in the world and would not be seen dead in anything other than a Tywhitt shirt when trying to look smart but because it is run by one of my brothers, Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler. I was reminded to do so by this fantastic article in The Independent.

Anyway there really isn’t all that much I can say because I am invariably biased but if if you haven’t bought a shirt from Tyrwhitt before you really should and if you are feeling nice you can buy it from my affiliate link above, not because I want to take money out of my brothers pocket or anything!

Nick started the company back in 1986 and has worked ridiculously hard over the intervening years. Originally the company just sold shirts and has since expanded into pretty much everything the modern man and woman needs to wear to make their mark on the world. He has really been an inspiration to me and numerous others. I think the two things I take from his success are that you need to:

  • have a plan and stick with it
  • never lose the passion