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This is a copy of a recipe I included on my Donde Peru website. I have included a copy here because I think it is one of my favorite recipes and should be shown on my personal site too! Ceviche is without a doubt one of my...



Almost Two years. Time to be reborn

So this is embarrassing. I have neglected my blog again. I haven’t published in it since August 2018.This has always been a rather intermittent project for me. I am not totally sure why I even have a blog. Perhaps it is...

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Hustle – How’s yours?

Hustle. It’s an interesting word. When I was younger, I remember a pornographic magazine called Hustler. It still exists, founded by Larry Flynt. He is most famous outside of the pornographic realm for the film “The...

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Why I want to write

I was talking to a friend who gets up every morning at 4am to write a novel. I am not sure I have that dedication but when he told me it reminded me that I would like to write more.   So I made it a resolution for 2018...

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Welcome to 2018

I never write resolutions and so I never complete them. In 2018 I have written some resolutions and I may well still not keep them. However I will try and document my progress here. I am calling 2018 my year of finding/renewing...

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