Here in Peru we celebrate Valentine’s day as a day for friends and friendship. I can’t help but think this is a much nicer day than a day for lovers. Although perhaps I say that as someone who has spent much of their life being single! Although when I was in a relationship, I would normally get Valentine’s day wrong. No doubt my lack of Valentine’s day skill might have led to my single nature!

On the bright side much like blondes are reputed to have more fun, so supposedly are singles…. Maybe I should die what is left of my rather grey hair blonde! On the we aere meant to not live as long! According to a 2013 study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine people who never married were more than twice as likely to die early as people in stable marriages. Thanks Time magazine for that cheery bit of reading!

However, being single has its advantages, allows for a more carefree and spontaneous lifestyle. Despite the occasional sense of disheartenment when I’m the only single one at a reunion, I have grown to appreciate the freedom that being single affords me..

If this is to be a journal I should probably do some journaling. So let’s journal a few exciting facts from my life.

Steps yesterday: 11,135
Weight today: 99.6 (This was after my run – and I think I will be back over 100KG tomorrow, but I am using this as an excuse to celebrate with at least one beer today!
Work for today: Finish a website, start a new one. Work on Social Media for my own company website
Pleasure for today: Lunch with friends and probably a movie night tonight.

In other news I went for a ridiculously long and slow run this morning for 12.37 km, with an average speed of 7.57 minutes per km and a time of 1.38. On the bright side the run got me to my lowest weight so far this year of 99.6kg. On the less good side I am now walking very stiffly

So this is my second day of journaling, and I think it is great. Where it is causing me problems is how long it is taking to write, but I think that should improve. The other aspect is that I rather wish I was one of those people with immaculate handwriting. I can’t help but think the benefit from this is improved my handwriting. On the negative side I dont get to share my scribbles with the possible one person out there reading!

Anyway onwards and upwards.