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Why I live in Peru

People sometimes ask me what on earth I am doing living in Peru! I just saw this video from the Peru Tourist Board (, which gives some idea of the fantastic diversity of this wonderful country. Hope you enjoy...



Favourite Chat GPT

So this is the thing. I am journaling, but I am not being very methodical. I am sure that I should be writing more what I am doing, where I am doing it and what is going on in my mind. At the moment, I am just bSo I want to try...

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I missed a day

I had such good intentions. Today Journaling was going to be the first thing I did. Instead it is the last. My excuses are feeble. To make things worse yesterday I didnt write anything at all. Stil at least today I kind of went...

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New experiences

I nearly didn´t write todays post, but remembered just in time. I spent this evening recording video voice overs for an awards ceremony in China. Not something I thought I would ever do, but it was interesting. Apart from...

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Sunday Blues

Whilst I love much about living in Peru, sometimes I get frustrated. At the moment this is mostly because both of my parents are ill… and I am a long way away and I am not sure there is all that much I can really do. Part...

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At the beach

I have lived in Lima for almost seven years, and today I think is one of only a handful of times I have been to the beach. I don’t know why because it’s lovely. I rented an umbrella and a deck chair and sat on the...

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The nature of procrastination

What is it that makes someone procrastinate? Damned if I know, but I do know that I procrastinate. I would love to hear your thoughts on what causes us to procrastinate. I am trying to stop, but it is easier said than done. I...

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