The real issue with journaling is when you don’t really have much to say, so you put your pen to paper or in my case fingers to keyboard and you just write. And then you are not sure what you will come out with. This I suppose is also the advantage of journaling, because the very act of committing to write leads to at least something. The questions is whether it will ever be something interesting for posterity or not.

Today has been a particularly lazy day, although I did make arepas for a late breakfast today. I cooked these for my friend Karem, who is kindly helping me not kill all my plants. I took a photo, but it wasn’t a great shot, so I think I will leave it utI served them with tuna mayonnaise and tomatoes and feel slightly proud of myself as I made my own mayonnaise. Unfortunately the first batch I threw all over the floor, in a moment of complete failure of coordination. The second batch was almost a triumph, but I fear not nearly as good as that made by my mother and brother, who gave me the recipe.

Still, if you want the recipes let me know in the comments and I will write them up!

Good news here in Peru is that Machu Picchu is reopening tomorrow. It had been closed for a while thanks to the latest rounds of political turbulence here in Peru. I can’t help but think that now is a really good time to go. Very few people going should make it a much more magical place to visit. I was always rather jealous of my brother who went many years ago when there were very few people going. So perhaps now is my chance.

In other journaling type news this morning my weight had gone back up to 100.6kg and yesterday I did 27,212 steps.

Thanks for reading!