Several years ago I met an American,Tristan. whilst learning Spanish. We spoke about this mystical place called Choquequirao, one of the lost hidden cities, similar to Machu Picchu, but less well known and I became determined to go. It took a while, but intertia and then a pandemic got in the way.

Finally though in July of last year I received a call from Tristan saying he was going in August. Did I want to go… With some trepidation for my physical fitness I said yes. And in August a group of us from the Lima Hash House Harriers made the journey.

Some people decided to fly to Cuzco and then go to Abancay where we would meet the guide. I decided to make a road trip of it. And what an incredible journey it was. Peru really is the most incredibly diverse and beautiful country. From deserts to mountains the drive was truly spectacular.

We also got to visit a few towns along the way. We spent the first night in Ayacucho, famous for it’s churches and the second in Abancay. We were then collected the following morning to drive to the start point for Choqeuquirao.

Choquequirao is an old Incan site similar to Machu Picchu, but harder to access. When we got to the start, we were told it was one of the hardest treks in Peru. It worried me, especially as I was by far the oldest member of the group. I thought I would hold everyone up. Fortunately I had stopped smoking several years ago, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

It was two days and two nights to get to Choquequirao, and at times the walk was hard. Fortunately there were some mules to carry our luggage, and for those who struggled for an additional fee they could get a lift up the mountain. Fortunately I managed to walk the whole way. Mules aren’t that comfortable!

We then spent the third day exploring Choquequirao, spending one more day on the mountain before walking back again. The return was rather quicker than the arrival with rather more downhill. This included the most impressive staircase I have seen. Quite daunting. Our guide told me he has run down it. Rather him than me!

Parts of the trek were really quite hard, but as a journey it was highly recommended and one that everyone visiting peru with a modicum of fitness should do!

The video below, by the extremely talented Mr Kerr, shows some of the highlights of this incredible journey. You should go. I was incredibly glad I did.

Love to hear your thoughts or any questions you might have.