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My first podcast. Be kind!.

Would love your feedback. Initially I will be hosting these on Soundcloud but I will be moving these to a different location if and when I decide to submit to the itunes directory.

However you will always be able to find the podcasts here on my blog!

Episode 1



The concept of the five minute podcast was inspired by the video below:

Episode 1 Transcript

This is Justin Wheeler from justinwheeler.net and welcome to my very first five minute podcast.

I am hugely excited at this opportunity to connect with you, serve you and get to know you better.

For those who don’t know me I am from the United Kingdom where I worked in various businesses from restaurants, mail order, public relations, property development and film.  But I finally had enough of the rather cold and wet English weather and came to live in the very beautiful North of Peru in Trujillo, a city known as the international capital of spring and about 10 minute drive away from the surf mecca of Huanchaco – ideal for one of my bucket list hobbies!

For the past five years I have worked online doing web development and Social Media for companies and for the past three years or so I also sell my own wordpress software solutions and recently I have started developing a small range of information products as well.

When I started running last year I finally began to listen to podcasts. And I found myself really enjoying them, and wanted to do my own to share some of my best ideas and favourite rants with my customers, potential customers and maybe even some friends!.

Certainly a podcast struck me as being this remarkably intimate affair. Typically when I listened to them it was just me and the speaker normally directly into my ears with headphones – so it felt very much like a one on one with a friend.

I wanted to engage with the speaker and it is my hope that you will want to engage with me too, which you can do by visiting www.justinwheeler.net/podcasts

The idea for the five minute formula came after recently watching a video (see the show notes for more) that asked the question: “If you were given $86,400 every day and the only condition was you have to spend it every day, what would you do?

The idea behind this is that there are 86,400 seconds in everyday and far too often we don’t use them valuably.

Now realistically 1/3 of that time is spent at work, and 1/3 is probably spent asleep and you probably spend another couple of hours every day commuting, eating, playing with your kids and exercising so at best we probably have around 5 hours or 18,000 seconds spare every day.

And it struck me that I wasn’t using that time brilliantly well.  I often find myself lost in Facebook for an hour or two, or arguing online with people I don’t even know… or any number of other unproductive and really wasteful activities.

Frankly I am not that happy with myself for wasting this time.

Like many people I set goals of things I want to do at the beginning of every year, some I do… many more I don’t. This year though it seems to be a little different.

Interestingly in September of last year I started a campaign to lose weight. Now almost 6 months later I am down just under 60lbs. But what is interesting about that is that for the first 2 months or so taking exercise was a pain… and then suddenly it became something I Just had to do – almost an addiction.

I think it was Aristotle who said We are what we repeatedly do.  And on research it seems that for something to become a regular habit it needs on average to be repeated 66 times.

As one of my goals for 2014 was to put out lots of content and in light of that 66 times research I have committed to doing a podcast every day for 66 days.

I have decided to use the time that I spend warming up for my exercise which is approximately 5 minutes to prepare and plan out what I will talk about. Initially I had hoped to be able to record it during that warm up time as well, but there just seemed to be too much ambient noise. So I am now recording at my desk. This has the advantage that Dragon can transcribe what I am saying pretty accurately which gives me a transcript!

Anyway we seem to be getting towards the end of my five minutes and may even have gone slightly over.  I am looking forward to interacting  with you on this podcast. For it to become truly great I need your help. Both by letting me know what you would like me to talk about and by helping me share it far and wide.

Thanks for listening.

For more on me, my podcasts and other stories be sure to drop by my website: www.justinwheeler.net. Show notes for this episode including the original video details are at justinwheeler.net/episode1 (with numerals).


Be Gentle – or not as the case may be!

Either way love to hear your comments below.