Sometimes like this morning I am completely at a loss as to what to write about. I am in the process of finishing a couple of books, so I will be writing about those in the not too distant future.

But other than that I don’t quite know what I will write about.

Free Writing is an exercise where you literally do what I am doing right now. You sit down in front of your writing mode of choice, in my case my computer,  and you just write. And then you see where the words take you.

I could write about the fact that today is my third day of drinking no coffee. For those of you who know me, you might be surprised – I am a huge coffee fan and once upon a time I even had a business selling it. But I have decided that it would be good for me to spend some time not drinking it.

Three days in and I am surprised to find myself with a bit of an ongoing headache. It started on day 2 and it is still here. It is frustrating. I am presuming it has to do with some kind of caffeine withdrawal. It disappoints me as I rather refused to believe I was ever a caffeine addict.

But there you go – now you know. My name is Justin and I am a caffeine addict.

There I said it – I hope you won’t think less of me. Of course it may not be the lack of caffeine. It could be the fact that I am trying Phil Maffetone’s 14 day Carbohydrate Intolerance test. This is a test where you stop eating many carbohydrates and specifically those with added sugar.

For someone like me who is I am embarrassed to admit a hardened sugar fanatic, this is quite a change. No more of my several chocolate bars a day. Or my delicious porridge covered in brown sugar or my toast in marmalade. At least for the next two weeks.

And yet I haven’t found it too hard yet. Tomorrow will be difficult as it is my birthday and I won’t be able to have any cake or alcohol to celebrate. Not that I am the world’s biggest celebrators of birthdays, but still I would normally at least eat a slice of cake!

So the pressure is on. Will I be able to cope with all those wrestling demons inside my head urging me to have just one slice. I hope so.

It is odd, I used to be a very heavy smoker. And I tried many times to stop smoking and yet I never really could. Then one day I came home from a run, having stopped at the shop to buy my daily two packets. Got into the shower, lit up a cigarette and said to myself what on earth was I doing. So I stopped cold-turkey. And now nearly 2 years later, with all sorts of start smoking triggers along the way, I remain a non smoker. In fact I have had no desire to smoke what so ever.

And there you have it – an example of free writing, in which I talk about a couple of my addictions. I hope you enjoyed it, but either way I hope you will maybe find it a useful exercise if you ever suffer writers block.

Time spent writing: 14 minutes.
Time From Starting Writing to Finishing: 16
Time Editing: 5 minutes
How Happy I am with Result: 5