I wrote this on another blog but I am deleting the blog to use the domain for something else so I shall put this mini rant here.

What is it with Internet Marketers and False Scarcity!??

I just don’t get it. Do people think we are idiots?

There is so much crap on sale on the internet today sold at hugely inflated prices.

Don’t get me wrong I make my money online. I love the internet and I enjoy being an affiliate marketer. None the less false scarcity is one of those things that really bugs me.

I simply cannot stand it when I read a sales page banging on about false scarcity. Yet everyone does it, it is really disheartening to me that we are all such suckers that we fall for it.. Even one of my favorite Products, Easy Video Player, bangs on about how only 250 copies will be sold.

However I have been a small time affiliate for this for a while and have sold through my Easy Video Player site about 20 of those copies. I don’t want them to close it down, its a great product and highly useful. None the less, they would get far more credibility from me at least if they took away the rubbish about only 250 copies being sold!

I saw the JV Board after it was launched and one hell of a lot more copies than 250 were sold. I am not surprised, its a great product…. But why add in that false scarcity element?

Today I received another spammy type email in my inbox talking about another product from affiliate number 4689. Apparently only 300 copies of that will be sold too. Whilst I appreciate that the affiliate number may not relate to the actual number of affiliates I received another email from affiliate number 2752 a couple of weeks ago saying the same thing, so either the product stinks or yet again they are using false scarcity.

Anyway its great to have a blog where I can get this kind of thing off my chest. Let me know what you think!