So there is this idea that I was told last night about morning pages.

The idea is that you should just write… The theory is you should write long hand for 10 minutes and then just throw it away without ever looking at it again. I did something similar with an earlier blog post called Morning diarrhea, and like in this post I ended up publishing both.

I think at the end of my 31 day blog post a day challenge before I write any more posts I will come back and edit them all and conceivably also make them into videos as well.

Unfortunately I find writing quite hard and so the idea of throwing what I write away as an exercise is something I don’t think I am willing to do just yet, so you are subjected to potentially read it!

So I am doing this blog post as morning pages… and I am just writing for the sake of writing.

Who knows whether anything worthwhile will come out of it,

I am not sure…

But I think that the idea is definitely a very good one.

I believe that even if you can’t think of anything to write during your morning pages exercise that you just pick up the pen and start by writing something like this:

These are my morning pages. I don’t know what to write about but I have to write for ten minutes even if it is just repeating the same kind of sentence over and over again…

Sounds like fun!

But maybe not to read.

So if you have got this far I’d love you to let me know in the comments!

One thing is that if I was to do morning pages with a pen, I wouldn’t be able to edit it anyway as 90% of the time I can barely read my own handwriting. I find this hugely frustrating.

One of the stories I love about Steve Jobs is the fact that after dropping out of Reed College he decided to sit in on a calligraphy course. And this is why the Mac computer had such great typography… and by extension it is probably why even today Mac has the reputation of being better for designers. So who knows, maybe if my handwriting was better I could have followed rather more closely in Mr Jobs’ footprints. Something I am sure that my earlier teachers should have tried to persuade me of better!

Any excuse will do…

This is probably enough for this post. I am not quite at the ten minute mark, but I think it has something worth reading in it. If I kept on writing it would turn into waffle and you might choose to never come back to my blog posts again!

What I would love to hear in the comments is whether you have tried this morning pages exercise.

And if so whether you think it has helped you become a better writer.

Thanks for reading