What a pleasant change the Uzbek border made! Just three stops at the border and only 2 pieces of paperwork as opposed to the 14 offices and god knows how much paperwork getting into Turkmenistan.

I was shortly off worrying slightly about Stephen and off to find a mechanic.

I asked one of the Oh so friendly taxi drivers where I could find a mechanic. Before I knew it this woman weighing in at about twice my weight had lept into the car saying she was the taxi drivers mother. After about a kilometre, I finally stopped the car as the damaged side was dragging along the ground with her enormous bulk! I then kicked her out and asked the cab driver to take her away. No doubt setting back Anglo-Uzbek relationships by about ten years!

Eventually, I was taken to this farm in the middle of nowhere and thought “Uh-OH”. Anyway after about 6 hours, numerous toasts of Vodka and a few beers the chassis was straight. I spent the night there with my guides family and after breakfast, I drove to Bukhara where I now am. Unfortunately, as soon as I got to the hotel the car died again. Not sure what is wrong with it but I think it may be a problem with the carburetor. I am now off to try and find a solution! Will probably update again this evening!