So finally we are safely ensconced in the warm cocoon of an Ibis Hotel near the airport in Budapest.

Having spent two nights in the car I think Henry’s patience almost ran out. As soon as he heard the word hotel I don’t think I have ever seen him quite so one track minded!

Sadly Budapest whilst an absolutely stunning city is suffering from a very severe attack of London weather! The rain has been torrential ever since we arrived in Hungary. We only broke down twice on the way here. Alarmingly the service centre in Prague seemed to have got the polarity wrong on our new coil so the new set of points lasted virtually no distance. After two sets of adjustments we limped into Prague and with huge assistance from my parents finding a Citroen Garage online and Henry’s girlfriend Amanda texting us useful automotive phrases in Hungarian we are now up and running again.

We shall have a relaxing evening in Budapest tonight and drive our car on tomorrow afternoon, after collecting replacement spare parts on our way to Serbia and Montenegro, border guards willing!

I have to say once again how brilliant Heidi, the in-car navigation system generously donated by Navigon has been. Made the drive around Budapest significantly easier. I shall be incredibly sad when we lose her assistance from Serbia and Montenegro onwards.