So we have spent almost the last 48 hours on a service station just outside Prague.

Most disconcerting. We think it is some kind of electrical fault.

I seem to have undone and redone about 175 bolts.

It’s the coil, stupid…

Well apparently. Bit of a nightmare to be honest. We think a second hand one is winging our way to us now. Oddly Geoff our 2CV expert from TT Centre says that he has never known one to go, sods law ours should break miles from anywhere.

Hopefully, it will be sorted out soon.

I have to say that Henry has the patience of a saint. If I was offered a drive to Istanbul and spent 24 hours in a service station broken down I would be livid…

Gruelling… but we are off. 

So after about 24 hours we now seem to be fixed and are about to leave Prague.

Next stop, car willing, Budapest.