Oh no! This has all gone ‘orribly ‘orribly wrong again!!
It seems as if, without being fully aware of his dastardly plan, Mr Wheeler jun. has roped Henry and myself into another one of his foolhardy holidays. Not being content with either of our company, he has also convinced Raj to join up as well. If you see a Kitchener style pointing finger poster with “Wheeler wants you” in capitals underneath, do the sensible thing and walk on by or call your lawyer before signing on the dotted line!
We, the naive, stupid and just plain dumb, (Henry and Raj choose which one you want to be! Assume naive has been taken!) are now locked in arms as INDIAORBUST.COM
We have agreed for the sake of a great charity – Mercycorps, to travel from Cochin in the south of India to Darjeeling in the north. The traffic situation in India being what it is, we will be avoiding cars, buses and suchlike. We will take the local transport- a rickshaw! Before you point out technical difficulties involving Justin pulling and size of the harness etc, we have organised the little motorised ones. This won’t necessarily make us any faster but at least we can all do the whipping.
As you will well be aware, this is not for fun. We need to raise some cash for a good cause. The justgiving link on our website takes you straight to the donations page, same as in the Mongol Rally. Your donations will count. We will attempt this foolhardy and silly trip but we need you to support our donations page. Please give at least just a little this Christmas for the important work that Mercycorps do in India. A small donation goes a long way in the sub continent as the 2006 Nobel prize winner Mohammed Yunus and the Grameen Bank have proved. Every small amount counts more than we in the west know.
We urgently need you to get on the list of donors and help us achieve the target as soon as possible. Please get your name on the list by giving any amount you can today and if you feel like it, more tomorrow!
The flights are booked. Having been through Turkmenistan last year, we avoided their airline which actually does fly to Bombay/Mumbai. We are booked with Qatar Air and have the pleasure of endless hours through the night in Qatar before flying on. If anyone would like to sponsor our flights please please please do get in touch!! (Its not too bad!)
Besides the flights, we haven’t actually organised very much. Mind you we still have two weeks left for Visas, flight from Mumbai to Cochin, jabs, tablets, rucksacks, contacts, maps, etc etc. Easy!!
More later but don’t forget to sponsor us!