JuiceIt’s rather frightening how fat I have become over the last few years.

I am convinced that the scales are lying!  So I am not going to add in a start weight here… Although it is in my hidden journal!

Once I have dropped a bit of weight I might be tempted to start adding it in!

Anyway my nephew has decided he wants to put together a family team to play in The Field Game at my old school in 2014.

I could never play the game when I was at school and am not sure whether I really want to play in 2014 either… but it is a good incentive for me to get back into shape.

Everyone says that juicing is a brilliant idea.  As a real steak man, I am finding the concept rather frightening… So although officially I am going to start my new campaign in 2013 I thought I would see how I could cope on the 2nd last night of 2012.

So below is my pre campaign juice with a little picture above…

  1. Papaya
  2. Pina
  3. Manzana
  4. Water

I am by no means an expert on juicing so I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for great juices in the comments section. Thanks!
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