Blogging is an important part of Social Media, not that you could necessarily tell from this, my personal blog… where I don’t post nearly as often as I should!  However in 2013 we will have a much stronger Content Management Strategy in Place, for our various websites.

If like me you believe in the importance of having a strong Content Strategy, you may well enjoy this fantastic blog post by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, (something I am ashamed to admit I never even knew existed until I saw a tweet about it!).

In it he talks about 42 ideas for a strong Content Marketing Ideas. Well worth a read. My favorite as the contrarian that I am was: “Whatever you do in 2013, make sure you are telling a different story than everyone else in your industry — not just the same story told incrementally better.”

Wonder how I will do!

And now on to the main purpose of this blog post which was to show you the latest update to Erik Qualman’s video series on Social Media Statistics.

Social Media Revolution 4 – Enjoy!

This series of social media videos are amongst the most watched in the world. The video was produced by equalman productions