I just finished an hour long talk on Talk Marketing Now, where I have been talking every week for most of this year about blogging.

I was happily waffling away about my thoughts on blogging and what I should be doing with this rather neglected blog, when one of the guests listening effectively cut through most of my crap with a short sentence that pretty much summed up what I was trying to say!

Blogs in a line, courtesy of David O’Neill.:

Niche, Goals, Target Avatar, Strategy, Plan, Execution, Evaluation, Loop, Repeat

Which is effectively what it is all about.  For the sake of clarification let’s break that down:

  • Niche: To be succesful the best blogs tend to focus in a specific niche.
  • Goals: You need to have goals for what it is you want your blog to achieve.
  • Target Avatar: By defining a target reader it makes it easier to decide how to put out your content when you have an idea of who you are writing it for.
  • Strategise and Plan: You need to have a strategy in place and make sure it is planned out.
  • Execute: Execute the Plan.
  • Evaluate:Probably the most important step, evaluate what worked, take advantage of the stats and then prepare to improve with what you have learned.
  • Repeat: Take your results and put them into action to improve as you start again by further defining your niche and ideal avatar, update your plan and strategy, execute it, evaluate it and repeat all over again.
Before you know it you too will be a blogging superstar!  Let me know what you think!