The Pinetermark plugin for WordPress allows you to easily add text and image based watermarks to your photographs and also it will add in a hover call to action when you hover over an image to encourage people to pin your images.Pinterest is a hugely powerful social media site. One of the major flaws is that it is easy for your images to get shared and lose the attribution back to you.

We just created a plugin that has just gone on sale as a special offer on the Warrior Forum which does the following:

  • Ultimate Image Security – Adds a Watermark to your Images so no matter how often it gets shared people will always know it comes from you
  • A Viral Hover Image – Adds a hover to your pictures when their mouse goes over the image, encouraging people to share your content on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Interest Enhanceer – Adds a Small Pinterest Icon reminding people that they should virally share your images
  • Adds an optional follow option for Pinterest
  • Ridiculously Simple to Use – Sets up and Installs in just 5 minutes, so even my least technical clients can use it

To give you an example just hover over this rather lovely image of a Spitfire below and you will see how it works!

Rather a nice Spitfire taken flying over The River Thames

If you want to buy Pintermark, then you can visit the sales page by clicking on the link!  The sales page is currently being rewritten!


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