So last night I organised a dinner to raise money for the charities in the Phene Arms just off Oakley Street in Chelsea. It’s such a nice pub but I will never go back there again whilst the current management are in charge. Gutting!

I don’t think I have ever been so angry in all my life. I arranged to have a dinner for 40 people there last week and said I would confirm numbers nearer the time. On Sunday I said there would be between 20 & 30 as a few people I was expecting to come were unable to come. They called me on Wednesday to ask what my final numbers were likely to be and I said around 20. Then we had bombs strike in London again and about 8 people were unable to come in, so the final number was 14.

The pub effectively decided to penalise the charities I was holding the dinner to raise money for by refusing to deduct the deposit that I had made off the bill. This meant that instead of raising £150 for the charities I ended up just breaking even.

I am now stuck with the moral dilemma as to whether I donate from my limited savings for the trip the profit stolen from me by the Phene to the charities or whether I just take the profits I made from the dinner to cover the lost deposit.

So annoying. £150 would have gone one hell of a long way for the children living on the streets of Mongolia or the Orphans of Azerbaijan or indeed the starving of Africa.

If anyone reading this is a regular I would be grateful if they boycotted the pub for a while if just to make me feel better.