I picked up my Mongolian Visa today which is incredibly exciting. It looks so nice in my passport!

I can’t wait to go there, there were a few pictures in the consulate office and it just looks so beautiful. Also the embassy staff were just really nice and helpful!

Time is running out….

I also popped in to talk to the nice people at the Azerbaijan Embassy next door. Zaur, who I spoke to on the telephone, was really helpful and I now think I have my paperwork in order so I can apply for the visa tomorrow.

This visa thing is all quite stressful but I am so sure that the end result will be more than worth it.

My sponsorship seems to have slowed down a bit which is frustrating. Please keep the money coming. It will be so sad if I do this incredible trip and don’t manage to raise all the money I want for these great charities! Cash and donations so gratefully received!