We arrived in Goa on the 30th December. Naturally as Goa appears to be the Tenerife of India we were completely unable to find anywhere to stay.
After some struggle our two rickshaws plus the Gin Soaked Rogues who we met at the border decided to go our seperate ways and we all eventualy found beds for the night.
The following morning Henry had managed to find us a couple of rooms in a hotel right by the beach which was quite an achievement!
Partys were all a bit mad in Goa. I actually ended up leaving the others and driving up to meet some friends in North Goa in the central tourist area which really needed to be seen to be believed. Various adventures ensued which kept me amused.
Everyone is keen to spend today in the same place by the beach before setting off early tomorrow morning to Hampi, which I have heard described as the Angkor Wat of India.
A very happy New Year to you all.
PS Henry says that the first bit of warm water he found in India was when he got into the Indian Ocean!