It is interesting. Since my client first approached me asking if I had seen the White House Squeeze page, I have been paying much more attention to President Obama’s marketing strategies.

We then wrote and developed a nifty plugin for creating squeeze pages just like on the White House, which you can read more about at

I didn’t realise, perhaps not being an American that in 2008 he won the 2008 Marketer of the year from Adage, beating out brands like Nike, Apple and Zappos!

The Adage website’s description had an interesting quote on the page: “I honestly look at [Obama’s] campaign and I look at it as something that we can all learn from as marketers. To see what he’s done, to be able to create a social network and do it in a way where it’s created the tools to let people get engaged very easily. It’s very easy for people to participate.

Another great article about this was on here, which I also thought interesting. Apparently he is also using scarcity tactics in his marketing.

Anyway there is a lot we can learn from the Obama Marketing Machine and I am interested to hear of your thoughts.