I have lived in Lima for almost seven years, and today I think is one of only a handful of times I have been to the beach. I don’t know why because it’s lovely. I rented an umbrella and a deck chair and sat on the beach, buying ice-cold beer from passing vendors and reading books on my Kindle. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, followed by a delicious ceviche. In the evening, I went out for a farewell dinner with one of my Airbnb guests. Unfortunately, it ruined my diet for the day. But sometimes, calories are worth it.

This is a short post, as it’s already bedtime. However, the point is that sometimes you have to forget about being super productive and an overachiever and instead take some time off to go to the beach.

In other news, my weight had dropped to 99.8kg, and according to Withings, I took 3264 steps today.