So one of Stephen’s clients has kindly agreed to put in some cigarette lighters so we can have power on the journey… and probably chain smoke mongolian cigarettes if the car provides too much stress!

I drove the car down to their garage in Hindhead early this morning and stopped at a little layby where I think I had the best bacon and egg sandwich I have ever had! I am trying to figure out how I will drive past their next so I can stock up… I wonder if I could hitch her kitchen on to the back of the 2CV! Would be perfect!

So I went back to congratulate the cook and she really kindly said she would put up a collection box to help us raise money!

If anyone drives down that bit of road 2.5 miles before Hindhead is a fantastic little cafe. Do stop there!

Any one else want a collection box!? Please get in touch if you do.