Just been on George Sepich’s Talk Marketing Now show where I talk on Tuesday evenings at 9pm about Social Media. Anyway there tends to be some fairly long and random conversations on there some of which are fascinating and some of which are not.

Tonight I wanted to do a big shout out to Caliban Darklock… and how cool a name is that. I am not sure why he is Darklock and not Darklord… still… Caliban was responsible, for those who it might mean something to, for the introduction of the Loan Shark to the Dope Wars game.

I am not sure if you have ever played it but it is one of those games that is just stupidly addictive and fun. Case in point as soon as Caliban pointed me in the direction of his game I promptly ran off, downloaded it and played for a good couple of hours when I should have been sleeping! Its interesting to note how Games have changed in the 18 years since Caliban released this!

You can download Calibans version here: http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/library/PROGRAMS/DOORS/DOPEWARS/dopewars.zip. Go Enjoy….

So this short blog post is dedicated with grateful thanks, from this Dope Wars fan, to Caliban Darklock. Thanks for the loan sharks! 🙂

PS Disclaimer: Loansharks and Drugs are bad and this posted does not condone borrowing money from Loansharks or indeed doing drugs!