I am really pleased to have been invited to do a talk on George Sepich’s Talk Marketing Now web channel. You can see me live every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern Time. Never quite know what I am going to talk about…. But I try and get an interesting guest to come and do the talking instead!

Tonight though I thought I would talk a bit about the new changes to Facebook before grilling my guest Justin Popovic, according to Google the Internet’s Number One Success Coach, on his thoughts on Social Media and the mindset behind being succesful with it.

Incidentally not only is Justin an excellent success coach he also with one of his partners produces quite a lot of excellent Private Label Rights Content which some of you may have seen parts of integrated into some of the other work he does. You can find a special offer for his PLR membership on the Warrior Forum. Well worth it if you ask me!

Below is the Video Overview of some of the changes that Facebook have made to their network making it more friendly for business pages. As always I really look forward to hearing your thoughts!