This isnt going to be an overly long post and Is in fact pretty pointless but at the time I wrote it it interested me… Probably because it is 3.40 am and I am half asleep!

I recently mentioned this post on Mashable in one of my Linked in Groups: which I think like most of Mashable’s posts is pretty interesting and reminds us that whilst there are thousands of social media sites out there it is really only worth concentrating on the big few: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linked in.

Anyway I happened to be talking about Social Media on a Skype chat with someone and wanted to refer to that mashable post.  So I went to Linked in and copied the link.  However Linked in embeds shared links in a Linked in Iframe and Mashable doesnt allow Iframes to be used to post their content so the link didnt work.

Which is what makes this post a bit of a ramble as I should in theory go into an explanation of what Iframes are but that would mean my short post becoming a really long one, so I shall refrain but if you particularly want to know feel free to comment!

Facebook has completely changed the way that their Facebook pages work to allow Iframes to be embeded onto their site which is great and allows for lots of very cool, well to me anyway, new things to be done that were not possible before….  This means that it becomes a little harder for Mashable to embed their articles into their Facebook fan page.  Which makes me wonder whether there will be a change in Mashables attitude to iframes.

If you have read to the end of this