There are so many Social Media Sites out there… I was looking at a book yesterday which called itself a Yellow Pages of Social Media Sites and anyway I lost count.

Still the reason for this post is just to remind myself of how to do give my Social Pages a personalised name and perhaps you might find it useful too!

The two main sites I will cover here are Facebook pages and Linked in Pages and both are very simple!

For Facebook you need to go to and you will get the image below:

Choose a Facebook Page Name

This will allow you to personalise both your own Facebook Profile and give people a direct link (Mine is if you want to say Hi) or for your Facebook pages.  For your facebook pages you need to have a minimum of 25 likes before it will allow you to choose a name.  Your Facebook name needs to be a) unique and b) one you want to live with forever.  If you want to change it you currentlt can’t.

Linked in on the other hand is more flexible.  Again it is a very straightforward procedure.  You need to:

  • Go to the edit your profile
  • On the right hand side you will see customise your profile
  • Make sure your profile is visible to everyone
  • You can then choose or change your Linked in Name by clicking on the customize your Public Profile Option.

Hope you found that useful.  It is worth if you havent already saving your names…. I rather annoyingly was beaten to Justin Wheeler on both Facebook and Linked In so you need to act fast!