One of my goals for 2012 is to start publishing some quality books on Kindle. I have almost finished writing my first one.

I just picked up this case study from Dennis Becker:


As one of the reviewers in the sales thread on the Warrior Forum states: “You are one of the most honest and down-to-earth WSO creators I know.”

I am a huge fan of Dennis as apart from anything else he gave me some of the best advice I received when I started on my career as a product creator.

Pretty simple really and what he said was “Good Enough is good enough”.

I have added a copy of that interview below:

Interview with Dennis Becker of Earn 1 K a Day. You will need to right click this to download it.

I will shortly be getting it transcribed and who know’s it may even appear in one of my Kindle Books later this year!

Prior to the interview with Dennis I had never really released anything as I had always wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before it went out with my name on.

Now I release products as soon as they are good enough, and then my team and I carry on tweaking and improving the products moving forward.

This case study from Dennis will allow you and I to follow along with the exact processes Dennis uses as he moves forward with his Kindle book.

Dennis is extremely on the ball and focussed on what he does and this in itself will be a valuable by product of his case study, let alone the experience he has as he takes the product forward.

I know from some of the conversations I have had with him that he has bought almost every single Kindle course that there is, so not only will you get to see this giant of the online world puttig together his book, but you will also get to pick up the best lessons he has gleaned from all the other courses he has bought.

I highly recommend this opportunity to uncover more about Kindle Publishing from Dennis. He is one of the best that there is and indeed I bought a lifetime membership to his Earn 1K a Day Forum as he gives so much value.

(If you haven’t heard about E1KAD, you can find out more about it here:

Not only do you get to follow the exact steps Dennis is taking but you also get a fantastic self publishers toolbox that includes everything you need to format and style your book. We did this earlier for a client and it took our designers several hours, and this should shortcut that process.

Anyway this one comes with my highest recommendation and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below and also do feel free to tweet or share this post.