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Why I live in Peru

People sometimes ask me what on earth I am doing living in Peru! I just saw this video from the Peru Tourist Board (, which gives some idea of the fantastic diversity of this wonderful country. Hope you enjoy...



Almost Two years. Time to be reborn

So this is embarrassing. I have neglected my blog again. I haven’t published in it since August 2018.This has always been a rather intermittent project for me. I am not totally sure why I even have a blog. Perhaps it is...

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Hustle – How’s yours?

Hustle. It’s an interesting word. When I was younger, I remember a pornographic magazine called Hustler. It still exists, founded by Larry Flynt. He is most famous outside of the pornographic realm for the film “The...

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Why I want to write

I was talking to a friend who gets up every morning at 4am to write a novel. I am not sure I have that dedication but when he told me it reminded me that I would like to write more.   So I made it a resolution for 2018...

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Welcome to 2018

I never write resolutions and so I never complete them. In 2018 I have written some resolutions and I may well still not keep them. However I will try and document my progress here. I am calling 2018 my year of finding/renewing...

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